❀ too dreamy ❀」

featuring nani's dreamy pond gacha:

body weeds: nani - dreamy pond - body weeds 1 [unrig] new @the arcade
skybox: nani - dreamy pond - pond skybox rare new @the arcade
lotus flowers: nani - dreamy pond - lotus set [rez] new @the arcade

❀ heart shaker ❀」

details of the picture:
skin applier: glam affair - colette - catwa mesh head applier - artic

dress: miwas / heart shaker dress#1 rare new @the arcade
shoes: miwas / heart shaker shoes rare new @the arcade

guitar and amplifier: ionic : lespaul & amp new @the chapter four
drums: ionic : vintage drumset new @the chapter four
neon signs: ionic : the end new @the chapter four
table: ionic : recycled table new @the chapter four
frame: ionic : art gallery frame [b] new @the chapter four
dog 1: +half-deer+ corgi puppy - sleepy x new @the arcade
refrigerator: .random.matter. - dorm life - mini fridge [pink]
cooler: bueno-red wine cooler
note: no signal _ standard love _ noteing

❀ blossoms ❀」

details of the picture:
skin applier: glam affair - colette - catwa mesh head applier - artic
flowers in the face: nani - cherry bloom - flower face [unrig] new @the arcade
flowers in the hair: nani - cherry bloom - blossoms [fitted] rare new @the arcade


labrador 1: nani - cherry bloom - labrador a-1 [rez] new @the arcade
labrador 2: nani - cherry bloom - labrador b-1 [rez] new @the arcade
labrador 3: nani - cherry bloom - labrador c-1 [rez] new @the arcade
tiny cakes: {moss&mink} cake & lace - ribbon cakes new @the arcade
drink: :::chicchica::: chill # 2 rare new @the arcade
birds: {anc} forget. swallow [rosepink] 5li
chair: dust bunny . hammock chair . short

❀ a place to feel safe ❀」

built: 22769 - fishermans delight - rare new @the arcade
desk: tarte. craft desk new @the arcade
computer: tarte. desktop computer rare new @the arcade
journal: tarte. bullet journal new @the arcade
pens: tarte. pens & ruler new @the arcade
chair: tarte. vortex chair new @the arcade
journal stack: tarte. journal stack new @the arcade
flowers: tarte. flower vase new @the arcade
photo grid: tarte. photo grid rare new @the arcade
corgi 3: +half-deer+ corgi puppy - pls x new @the arcade
corgi 5: +half-deer+ corgi puppy - sleepy x new @the arcade
hat boxes: ariskea[versailles] hat box & pearl new @the arcade
letters: ariskea[versaille] letters new @the arcade
chandelier: aria - solace chandelier new @the arcade
cat 1: {-maru kado-} sleep cat 1 (2li)
cat 2: {-maru kado-} sleep cat 2 (2li)
cat 3: {-maru kado-} sleep cat 4 (2li)
oil stove: c){-maru kado-} oil stove_fat (2li) rare
stove guard: {-maru kado-} stove guard_white (1li)
hanging curtain: :[p]:- geowe hanging
life ring: dust bunny . life ring
shelf: :[p]:- heli wall

❀ all that money ❀」

details of the picture:


dog 1: +half-deer+ pomeranian - lay (husky) x
dog2: +half-deer+ pomeranian - sit (husky) x